Calling hearts back to God through  SURRENDER!

Then sadly you are practicing idolatry and it's time for you to surrender it all to Him who loves you most!

Simply put idolaters worship the things God made rather than God Himself. Instead of looking to Him as the Creator and sustainer of life, they become the center of their own universe.

In 2009, when God told me to leave all that I was doing -- private practice, public speaking, leader of ministries -- I did. Was it easy? NO. For the first few months of 2010

I questioned God quite a bit and learned first hand how I idolized the things I was doing more than God Himself.

We are a people of divided loyalties.

  • Is there anything you think you can't live without and love with all your heart?
  • Is there any priority greater than God?

However, when I finally surrendered all of me to Him, He begin to advance me in His ways and at a rapid pace. Things I had desired to do for years actualized before my very eyes. The book I had wanted to write, was written in 40 days! And since that time God has done the impossible in my life.

He wants to do the same for you, but you have to make Him the center of your universe; you must give him ALL of you heart. And when you do, you will watch in amazement as His plan for your life comes to pass.


Master in the Art of Surrender in just 40 days of fasting. Take the surrender challenge and give God whatever keeps you from having a more authentic relationship with Him. LEARN MORE

The Surrender Movement


Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries is called to share the Gospel and extend the love of Christ. Through media we  help people all over the world to develop a deeper relationship with God and experience the liberating power of surrender to Him through teaching and preaching God’s word. 


Calling hearts back to God through surrender of mind, body, & spirit.

  • Celeste Owens, Co-founder and CEO
  • Andel Owens, Co-founder
  •  Stephanie B. Davis, Social Media and Marketing Director
  • Latoya Fonville, Prayer Team Coordinator
  • Pastor Donald & Malinda Chisholm, Spiritual Covering
  •  Warren Sims, Official Photographer
  •  Prayer Team


That we'll be one nation under God again.


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