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Surrender 365  Team:

Andel , Celeste , AJ, and Aaliyah Owens

Pastor Donald and Malinda Chisholm
Frank, Stephanie and Ethan Davis

Omiana Muller

Sherrell Moore-Tucker

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Dates: 3/26-4/5
Location: Lumakanda, Kenya
Host: Independent International Family Church (Pastor Julia) and Jesus Loves Ministries (Pastor Anthony)
Venue: Mama Joy Academy
Attendees: up to 350 Pastors and Leaders from the Catholic, Methodist, and Orthodox churches coming from the surrounding cities and villages.
Program: 3-day training (Thurs - Sat), break out sessions for children and women on Friday. Easter clothing distribution. Feeding of children in orphanage. Widow Entrepreneur Project.

Surrender 365 Outreaches

Surrender 365, Inc. is the missions arm of Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries.  Surrender 365, Inc. helps people all over the world to develop a deeper relationship with God and experience the liberating power of surrender to Him through teaching and preaching God’s word.  Surrender 365 also facilitates the provision of critically-needed goods and services to the poor and needy, and donates money to organizations with a like-minded mission.

Thank you for supporting our missions efforts in Kenya!

See One, Feed One Program

To date 500 Surrender Fast books have been donated to the people of Africa!

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Kenya Missions Trip 2018

All donations are tax deductible.


Books for Africa Program

Pastors and Leaders Conference
​Eldoret, Kenya
March 2016

Surrender 365, Inc.

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