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Testimonies from Africa

Never Stop Pursuing God's Dream

Also available is Spanish and Swahili 

This over-sized, colorful version of the Surrender Fast that is perfect for children up to age 12. The 40-Day Surrender Fast for Kids offers plenty of space for journaling and drawing. Your child will grow closer to God while having fun!

The 40-Day Surrender Fast Journal is the perfect companion to The 40-Day Surrender Fast.  This Journal includes space to record reflections, goals, and prayers while you seek God's plans for your life.

Are you as troubled by the state of the world as we are? Gun violence, terrorism, and hatred abound, but God is still on His throne; He still plans to use His church as a restorer of the breach. Not the divided church we see today, but a church that is unified with one voice free of strife and carnal divisions.

How do we get there? Through surrender. Surrender is simple; it’s doing God’s will, His way, all the time. Jesus was surrendered and He took the world by storm. His disciples were surrendered and they turned the world upside down. If today’s church becomes surrendered, who knows what God can do in and through us?!

Join with believers from around the globe for 40 days of fasting and prayer to get into the REST of God!

“Forty days and a surrendered heart will change your life.” These were the words written to 100 bloggers in 2010. They gave God 40 days and their hearts, and He did the miraculous. The 40-Day Surrender Fast is the fruit of their time with Him. 

Five years ago a Literary Agent told Dr. Celeste that no publisher would publish The 40-Day Surrender Fast because "it did not have mass appeal." But God!! He has the final say! 

This video is the line  at First Baptist Church of Glenarden of members getting  copies of the Surrender Fast!!

Global Surrender Fast 2017 -- Ready Set Rest!

Surrender 365, Inc., the non-profit arm of Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries is spreading the philosophy of surrender all around the globe through the donation of books and critical goods.

Highlights from the 2016 Global Surrender Fast

"I had no peace but now I take all things easier."
"My family stronghold has been removed and the burdens on my shoulders are gone and I am free."

"I use to forget things but now I can remember."
"My marriage was restored."
​"I was able to move from a one room house to a self-contained house."