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Kenya  Missions Trip 2016

Surrender 365, Inc. is the missions arm of Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries.  Surrender 365, Inc. helps people all over the world to develop a deeper relationship with God and experience the liberating power of surrender to Him through teaching and preaching God’s word.  Surrender 365 also facilitates the provision of critically-needed goods and services to the poor and needy, and donates money to organizations with a like-minded mission.

Easter Dress Drive

Andel, Celeste, AJ and Aaliyah Owens

Founders DCOM and Surrender 365, Inc.

Omiana Muller

Styled by OmiOmy

All donations are tax deductible.

Sherrell Moore-Tucker

Faith and Flow Yoga

The Missions Team

We are excited to announce that Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries  will make a return missions trip to Kenya, March 2018!

Approximately 500 Pastor, Leaders and laypersons will converge on Lumakanda, Kenya for this Surrender Conference. During that time they will be  encouraged in the Word and  learn what it truly means to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We are soliciting your prayers and financial support as we plan to travel, serve, and gift  copies of The 40-Day Surrender Fast; breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all conference attendees, clothing, Sunday School materials, and more to the leaders and children of Lumakanda and the surrounding areas.

Frank and Stephanie Davis

His Heart Melodies

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Tiffany Williams

Team Lead and Coordinator

In 2016, we spent Resurrection Sunday in Kenya. My then 9-year-old daughter Aaliyah showed up  to church with the dress you see to the left. It was a dressed-down version of what she would normally wear to church but that fact was lost on the little Kenyan girls who eyed her dress as if a real life Disney Princess had entered the room. I remember thinking, if I'm here again on Resurrection Sunday, I'm coming back with dresses.

Well as God would have it, we are returning and I don't plan on returning without dresses. Would you help? We are collecting new or gently used dresses to bless the girls of Kenya.

All dresses are to be collected by February 25. Contact and we will make arrangements to get them from you.