Lent 2017

"Life changing! Not your ordinary fast. The fast forced me to look at myself as I am not how I want to be or how I pretend to be. Once I saw the real deal, I did not want to stay in that place. The 40 Day Surrender Fast propelled me to higher heights on this journey called life! Your life will never be the same."

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"This book initiated a spiritual journey I never expected to be on. So many blessings revealed through the fast. I highly recommend getting this book, not just to fast but as a way of life to improve your relationship with God."


Furthermore, since 2010 tens of thousands of people have enthusiastically participated in The 40-Day Surrender Fast with supernatural results: a closer walk with God, successful transition to their next season, financial blessings, restored relationships, deliverance from strongholds, and so much more!

The Surrender Fast is not your typical fast as you abstain from WHATEVER is keeping your from having a deeper, more abiding relationship with God. Want to experience God is a new way? Grab a friend and surrender together for 40 days using The 40-Day Surrender Fast.

"Anyone desiring a closer walk with God and an abundant blessing in the form of true spiritual growth should read and participate in the Surrender Fast. This is one experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Celeste!"

Want to make the most of your Lenten Season fasting? Incorporate the reading of The 40-Day Surrender Fast  to your time of consecration and experience God as you have never experienced him before.

The 40-Day Surrender Fast is the perfect companion to your Lenten Season fast!

Here's why:

     1. Like Lent, those who do the Surrender Fast commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuries as a form of penance.

     2. Many Christians also add a Lenten spiritual discipline, such as reading a daily devotional or praying through a Lenten calendar, to draw themselves near to God. The same is true for those who do the Surrender Fast. They commit to prayer and reading this devotional daily.

Lenten Season Surrender Fast: March 6 - April 14

MARCH 1                 First Day of Lent

MARCH 1- 5           Complete the Pre-Fast Preparation Chapters of the Surrender Fast

MARCH  6                Day 1 of the Surrender Fast

APRIL 12                   Last Day of Lent

APRIL 14                   Day 40 of the Surrender Fast



37 Powerful MP3 messages from Dr. Celeste to accompany each day of fasting.

Calling hearts back to God through  SURRENDER!