Calling hearts back to God through  SURRENDER!

Testimonies from Africa after the Global Surrender Fast 2016

  • I had no peace but now I take all things easier.
  • My family stronghold has been removed and the burdens on my shoulders are gone and I am free.
  • I use to forget things but now I can remember.
  • My marriage was restored.
  • ​I was able to move from a one room house to a self-contained house."

The Message of Surrender is Taking Africa by Storm! 

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(Pictured): Pastor Anthony with his wife
​in Eldoret, Kanya.

A gift of $10. gets 1 book to Africa!

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All donations are tax-deductible.

Pastor Anthony is going from church to church to introduce the Surrender Fast . To date, most Africans are doing the fast with a handout that Pastor Anthony created. Only the Pastors of the various churches get a copy of The 40-Day Surrender Fast ​Devotional in English or Swahili.

It is our hope that every African that wants to do the Surrender Fast gets a copy of the book. Please help us reach our goal of 50 books a month to Africa. 


Our Surrender Ambassador, Pastor Anthony Lusichi of Jesus Love Ministry, has made it his mission to take the message of Surrender: Doing God's Will, His Way, to every country in Africa. 

​Your donations are supporting him every step of the way! ​

His most recent trip was to Malindi, Africa for the I.F.C. (International Church of Clergy) Conference for their post Surrender Fast Worship Conference. The event was for 2 days following their time of fasting. Pastor Anthony was the keynote speaker for this event. 

Kenya Missions 2018

Pastor Anthony holding a new delivery of The 40-Day Surrender Fast Devotionals

Was a huge success!

The 3-Day International Surrender Conference in Lumakanda, Kenya was served over 400 persons from the Catholic, Methodist, and Orthodox churches coming from the surrounding cities and villages. Eight countries were represented at the event including Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. The event was held at Mama Joy Academy  were the overseer is PastorJulie.

The 3-day conference (Thurs - Sat) included general sessions, break out sessions for men, worship leaders, children and women. Easter clothing distribution and visiting widows of the Widow Entrepreneur Project. The conference culminated in an official launch of Surrender 365, Inc. in Africa!

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