Testimonies from Africa after the Global Surrender Fast 2016

  • I had no peace but now I take all things easier.
  • My family stronghold has been removed and the burdens on my shoulders are gone and I am free.
  • I use to forget things but now I can remember.
  • My marriage was restored.
  • ​I was able to move from a one room house to a self-contained house."

The Message of Surrender is Taking Africa by Storm! 

(Pictured): Pastor Anthony with his wife
​in Eldoret, Kanya.

A gift of $10. gets 1 book to Africa!

$50. gets 5 books to Africa.

$100. gets 10 books to Africa.

Pastor Anthony is going from church to church to introduce the Surrender Fast . To date, most Africans are doing the fast with a handout that Pastor Anthony created. Only the Pastors of the various churches get a copy of The 40-Day Surrender Fast ​Devotional.

It is our hope that every African that wants to do the Surrender Fast gets a copy of the book. Please help us reach our goal of 50 books a month to Africa. 


Our Surrender Ambassador, Pastor Anthony Lusichi of Jesus Love Ministry, has made it his mission to take the message of Surrender: Doing God's Will, His Way, to every country in Africa. 

​Your donations are supporting him every step of the way! ​

His most recent trip was to Malindi, Africa for the I.F.C. (International Church of Clergy) Conference for their post Surrender Fast Worship Conference. The event was for 2 days following their time of fasting. Pastor Anthony was the keynote speaker for this event. 

Pastor Anthony holding a new delivery of The 40-Day Surrender Fast Devotionals

Books for Africa Campaign

Calling hearts back to God through  SURRENDER!