Calling hearts back to God through  SURRENDER!

Hi, I'm Dr. Celeste and I would love the opportunity to walk along side you as you transition into the next phase of your life.

From personal experience I know a lot about transitioning and how to do it well.

In 2009, I reached a major crossroad: leave everything for a new beginning  or play it safe and stay where I was.

I chose to leave. Private Practice. National Speaking Platform. Ministry Leadership Position. Everything!

For what, I didn't know. I just trusted God. And that trust opened me to my best life.

Saying yes wasn't easy but it was worth it.

Now it's your turn. It's your time to move to your next and I can show you how!

Private Coaching Program

  • in TRANSITION or wants to be
  • longing for a closer relationship with God, self and others
  • craving BALANCE of the mind, body and spirit
  • coachable
  • unsure of purpose, life's call

Complete the form below if you are interested in private coaching with Dr. Celeste. She offers a free 20 phone consultation to assess your needs. All subsequent sessions are via conference call or Zoom.

About Me: I practiced for 10 years as a psychologist; I have a post-doctoral certification in treating trauma; I am a Certified Natural Health Professional; I eat plant-based; I am whole.

I am ready to do the work!

My Ideal Client is...

There are many options available to work with me. The most popular is the Life Coaching Growth Package, which gives you 12 x 30-minute sessions or 6X60-minute sessions with me over 3 months.

Growth Package Includes:

12 x 30 minute Life Coaching sessions (sometimes we will combine them to make 1-hour sessions, but if we don't need an hour, why waste that time?)
Free email support for the duration of the coaching sessions
Sessions valid for 12 months from date of booking

I also provide the Life Coaching Annual Maintenance Package if you're seeking to make major changes over the span of a year and have me to support you along the way.